MADE Internship FAQ

See below for answers to most questions.

Do I need to be a marketing/advertising major?

Nope! We are looking for all kinds of majors. There is no preference given to the type of degree you have whether that be marketing, advertising, anthropology, or engineering. All are welcome to apply!

Who is eligible for the MADE program?

Only current juniors (graduating in 2019) and seniors (graduating in 2018) are being considered for this program.

How do I submit my academic recommendation?

At the very end of the application process, you will be asked to submit that recommendation through a unique link provided to you. In the meantime, please use this form to share with a professor to fill out.

Can I submit more than one recommendation?

We will only look at one recommendation so please submit what you feel represents you the best.

When will you be interviewing candidates?

We will be starting to interview candidates in the early January time frame and reaching out accordingly. Thanks for your patience.

How does the training in the spring work?

We will be conducting virtual training sessions getting you prepared for your summer internship. These trainings will focus on both soft skills as well as the latest in what is happening in the industry. You can be anywhere in the country (or the world for that matter) to access these training sessions.

When do the summer internships start and end?

Most of the companies in the MADE program start their internship programs in June and end in August. They last anywhere from eight to ten weeks with 30 to 40 hour work weeks. All of the internship programs are paid.

I'm studying abroad in Spring 2018. Can I still apply?

Yes, you can still apply for the MADE program. For those selected, you will be receiving training in the spring to best prepare you for the summer internship experience. Those trainings will be recorded for you to review on your own time if time zone differences make it challenging to dial in at the scheduled time.

Can international students apply?

Yes, international students can apply but only if they have a visa to work in the United States.

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