Must Reads

Recommended reading from the Advertising Educational Foundation.

Aaker, David A., “Managing Brand Equity”

Aaker, David A., “Marketing Research”

Adamson, Allen P., “Brand Digital”

ADText Online Curriculum

Advertising & Society Review

Altstiel, Tom and Grow, Jean, “Advertising Strategy: Creative Tactics From the Outside/In”

Applegate, Edd, “Personalities and Products: A Historical Perspective on Advertising in America”

Applegate, Edd, “The Ad Men and Women: A Biographical Dictionary of Advertising”

Arens, William F., “Contemporary Advertising”

Auletta, Ken, “Three Blind Mice”

Barry, Ann Marie, “The Advertising Portfolio”

Belch, Michael A. and George E. Belch, “Advertising and Promotion”

Bendinger, Bruce, “The Copy Workshop Workbook”

Berger, Arthur Asa, “Ads, Fads and Consumer Culture x: Advertising’s Impact on American Character and Society”

Bird, Drayton, “Common-sense Direct and Digital Marketing”

Cialdini, Robert B., “Influence: The New Psychology…”

Clark, Norman. History of Advertising: Series of Vintage Posters/Graphics

Cleary, David Powers, “Great American Brands”

Coughlan, William, Jr., “Going Co-Op”

Dobrow, Larry, “When Advertising Tried Harder”

Eisenberg, Bryan, “Waiting for your Cat to Bark?”

Eschholz, Paul, “Language Awareness”

Faber, Ronald J., “The Future of Advertising After the Millennium,” Marketing Review, 1996 (with D. Wright-Isak)

Fallon, Pat and Fred Senn, “Juicing the Orange”

Faludi, Susan, “Backlash: The Undeclared War Against Women”

Farris, Paul W., “Marketing Metrics”

Fox, Stephen, “The Mirror Makers”

Fry, Ronald, Advertising Career Directory

Gandy, M.P., Jr., “Taking The Mystique Out of Hospital Marketing”

Garbett, Thomas F., “Corporate Advertising: The What, Why, & How”

Ginsburg, Seth, “How It’s Done: A Research and Planning Handbook” (An ANA title)

Goodrum, Charles, “Advertising in America: The First 200 Years”

Gossage, Howard Luck, “Is There Any Hope For Advertising?”

Haberstroh, Jack, “Ice Cube Sex: The Truth About Subliminal Advertising”

Haskins, Jack and Kendrick, Alice, “Successful Advertising Research Methods”

Heath, Robert, “The Hidden Power of Advertising”

Herzbrun, David, “Playing in Traffic on Madison Avenue”

Hines, Randall and Lauterborn, Robert, “Print Matters: How to Write Great Advertising”

Hovland, Roxanne, “Advertising in Society”

Hutt, Michael D., “Business Marketing Management”

Jacoby, Jacob, “Miscomprehension of Televised Communication”

Book Excerpts

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