MADE Host Information

MADE Host Information

The MADE (Marketing and Advertising Education) internship is a leadership development program for students interested in becoming the future leaders of the marketing and advertising industry. Positioned as the “common app” for summer intern programs, this paid program is designed to provide students with the skills, the mentors and the training that will help these students thrive in the industry.

Candidate Sourcing
The ANA Educational Foundation conducts outreach to its network of more than 5,000 professors to identify and channel the best students to apply to this program. We also use a variety of other recruiting tools to supplement the professor referrals.

Application Components
The student application process consists of:

  • Resume
  • Academic Recommendation
  • Online Assessment Test
  • Digital Interview

Core Attributes
The three key attributes we look for in the evaluation process are:

  • Leadership Potential
  • Critical Thinking
  • Overall Likability / Cultural Fit

Candidate Selection Process
We review every completed file and calibrate the candidates across a group of ANA staff. We then pass selected candidates to a live digital interview. We continue to probe for those three attributes through behavior-based interviewing and a mini-case study. We then had candidates who we recommended to companies that participated in the MADE program who then had the opportunity to select and interview those who fit their needs.

2019 Placement Results
We had 841 applications. From this total number, we had 33 total candidates placed in 29 companies – brands such as MasterCard and IBM; agencies such as McCann and Ogilvy; and publishers such as NBCUniversal. For the full list, please see here.

Gender and Ethnicity of Placement
The gender and ethnic breakdown of the placed 2019 candidates were:

  • Gender: 85% Female; 15% Male
  • Ethnicity: 24% Asian, 24% Hispanic, 28% African American, 24% Caucasian

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Timeline for 2020 Summer Internships

For a summer 2020 internship, we will be recruiting students both in the fall and in the spring. This is to accommodate your HR recruiting schedules so that we identify candidates in both semesters and offer those students for your consideration.

Our timeline is:

  • Application Date Open: October 1, 2019
  • Application Date Closed: January 10, 2020

Contact Details
Sign up now if you are interested in hosting a MADE intern at your company in 2020. Please contact Sara Parrish for more information at 646-708-8115 or via email at

"Honestly, the speaker made a career in advertising sound so attractive that I am considering changing my major."
— Student at University of Tulsa after AEF sent Speaker from Insight Creative Group