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The MADE (Marketing and Advertising Education) internship is a leadership development program for students interested in becoming the future leaders of the marketing and advertising industry. Founded by the ANA Educational Foundation, the MADE internship places you in a summer intern program at one of more than 50 marketing, advertising, or media companies, with participants including MasterCard, IBM, Sephora, McCann, mcgarrybowen, and Ogilvy. Positioned as the “common app” for summer internships, this paid program is designed to provide students with the skills, the mentors, and the training that will help you thrive in the industry.

2020 MADE Program is going virtual! Check out all online resources available for students this summer.

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What MADE Interns had to say about their experience:

“The MADE program was amazing and the training sessions were great. Considering that I do not have a marketing/advertising background but wanted to use this summer to learn more, I found the intro session to be the most useful to me. The other sessions offered me an advertising perspective and language that I did not have before. So one way or another every session was useful for me!”



Application opening: October 1, 2019
Application deadline: January 10, 2020

Note: The academic recommendation is a key component of the application process. If you intend to apply for MADE 2020, you can get a head start by having your professor complete this form now. You will not be able to submit your recommendation until the application opens on 10/1/19.

*All application items, including professor recommendation, need to be submitted by 1/10/20.

Matching Process Overview

Currently, we have more than 30 companies signed up to hold a slot for the MADE program. See below for the process we are using to match students with host companies:

  • Based on student interest and the MADE committee assessment, we will share candidate files (e.g., resume, recommendation, digital interview, online assessment score) with a host company.
  • That host company selects the candidates they want to continue the conversation with and may set up a further discussion with that candidate. Most companies will want you to talk with the hiring manager. Others might just accept you outright.

A Few Things To Consider

  • The matching process can be slow. We have created mechanisms to drive greater urgency but can only move as fast as the hiring companies.
  • A match is not guaranteed – we unfortunately cannot guarantee a placement for you during this process. Please treat every opportunity as an interview so that you can make the best possible placement.
  • Competition for just one slot – the company will often be interviewing multiple candidates from the MADE pool for one slot.
  • Insight into the MADE host company – we will try to prepare you as much as possible for that conversation with the MADE host company (e.g., what they are looking for, what the candidate process looks like). We want you to succeed.
  • More companies added to the MADE mix – our goal is to enable placement for many of you as possible. We are adding more companies to the MADE host pool every week based on our conversations.

Our Expectations Of You

  • If you are offered a position at a MADE host company, you have 48 hours to accept or decline. If we do not hear from you in two days, we will assume you are not interested in that opportunity (or MADE program in general).
  • Please do let us know if you have other offers. We can give you a realistic sense of where you stand in the process based on our conversations.

We have compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions for your convenience. If you have a question/concern that is not addressed in the FAQ, please contact Sara Parrish.

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"I can honestly say that I learned more in 30 minutes than I learned in 8 weeks of this marketing course."
— Student at Villanova University after AEF sent Speaker from Tierney