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MADE is here to provide all students with the opportunity to get a start in the marketing & advertising industry regardless of where you go to school, what you majored in or who you know. We’re looking for future industry leaders that are hardworking, analytical, creative and empathetic. If that sounds like you, read on to learn more about the MADE Internship Program 2022.

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What is MADE?

MADE is a national internship program that connects students with summer marketing & advertising internships at top companies. MADE standardizes a complicated process, making it easier for bright students to enter the industry, regardless of school, major or industry connections. We strive for a candidate pool that is racially, ethnically, socioeconomically and geographically diverse, and a true reflection of our population.



The MADE Program is open to undergraduate juniors and seniors only (graduating between May 2022 and May 2023).



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Application opening: September 15, 2021
Application deadline: January 15, 2022

The MADE application consists of:

  • Your resume (PDF recommended and named: First name Last name Resume)
  • An academic recommendation, ideally from a professor
  • A recorded digital interview and writing sample

Note: The academic recommendation is a key component of the application process. If you intend to apply for MADE 2022, you can get a head start by having your professor complete this form now. You will not be able to submit your recommendation until the application opens on 9/15/21. All application items, including the professor recommendation, need to be submitted by 1/15/22.

See guide for more on how to apply and what to expect during the process:

MADE Summer Internship Program application tips


How MADE Interns are Selected

MADE Finalists are selected after the live interview is complete. Finalist applications are shared with partner companies based on their area of interest, geographic preference, cultural fit, etc.

For example, if a finalist candidate is interested in a creative role at an ad agency in NYC, they will be shared with all ad agency partners in NYC hiring a creative intern.

Some finalists are shared with over a dozen companies based on their flexibility/versatility. Some finalists may only be shared with a few companies if they are more narrowly focused. We try our best to get our finalists in front of as many companies as possible. If a company is interested in a MADE Finalist, they will reach out directly to schedule next steps.


Benefits for MADE Interns

MADE Interns connect with a community of creative, bright, and ambitious future industry leaders. During the summer, MADE Interns benefit from:

  • Weekly MADE Web Sessions featuring executive speakers from companies such as L’Oreal, Wunderman Thompson, Deutsch, American Express, McCann and TikTok. Topics include multicultural and inclusive advertising, social impact and purpose-driven brand strategy, storytelling, and consumer trends and insights.
  • Involvement in a Mentor Match program that pairs them up with industry executives based on their area of interest and encourages virtual meetings throughout the summer.
  • Certified ANA Marketing Student (CAMS) program which is a 17-hour on-demand virtual marketing course led by industry practitioners which results in a digital badge and certificate upon completion.
  • Networking and community support through virtual meetups throughout the summer and involvement in exclusive social groups.
  • Portfolio/resume reviews with recruiters at top agencies to help sharpen their personal brand and guide their next career steps.

**Please note that involvement in everything is not required! We know you all are superstars but may not be able to participate in every session or program we offer. We’re here to support you, not stress you out!

After completing the MADE Program, you’ll be a part of the alumni network and have access to fellow alumni across the industry and job opportunities exclusive to MADE talent.


A Few Things to Consider

  • The application review process takes a long time. Last year we had over 2,300 applicants! It takes our small team several months to review every resume, letter of recommendation and virtual interview. Please be patient. We will do our best to keep you updated as much as possible.
  • We review applicants on a rolling basis. If you apply in September, you increase your likelihood of moving through the process earlier. If you apply in January, you’ll miss the companies that recruit in the fall and it may take us longer to process your application. We can only move as fast as the recruiters at our partner companies and timing is largely contingent on them.
  • If you are selected as a MADE Finalist, a match with a company is not guaranteed. We will do our best to share your application with as many companies as you are a fit for, but it’s ultimately up to the recruiters at the companies we partner with.
  • We will continue to add new organizations to our partner list. Please note that some companies on our list may have already selected a MADE Intern and are no longer recruiting. Keep an open mind about companies or industries you may not have originally considered!

Please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions page if you have additional questions.

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"Inspiration is everywhere, and if you can't see it you're not looking hard enough."
— Cliff Courtney, Chief Marketing Officer, Zimmerman Advertising