MADE Mentor FAQs

How does one apply to be a mentor or mentee?

For Mentees: If you’d like to be paired with someone this summer for career advice, inspiration or to make a friend in the industry, apply here

For Mentors: Anyone in the marketing and advertising industry can participate, regardless of your background, experience level, area of expertise or title. If you’re interested, register here

How are students matched with their mentor?

From brand strategy to creative direction to media planning to data analytics, MADE mentors represent a wide range of focus areas and companies within the marketing & advertising industry. Students are matched with mentors based on mutual areas of interest, college major, and in some cases, alma maters.

What is the deadline to apply for the mentorship program?

Mentors and mentees must sign-up by February 15, 2023 in order to be matched.

What is the time commitment associated with participating in the mentorship program and how do you meet?

Pairs are encouraged to meet for four times between March and June. Meetings can be conducted via phone, video, or in-person depending on mutual preferences.

Do you have to be a MADE finalist or MADE intern to qualify for the mentorship program?

No! While MADE Finalists are prioritized in the mentor matching process, any current college students are welcome to sign-up.

How many students get matched with a mentor?

Our goal is to match at least 250 students this spring. The more mentors that sign up, the more students we can help.

What can students and industry professionals hope to gain from the mentorship program in terms of knowledge and opportunity?

We hope this program provides a rewarding experience for mentors who want to give back, as well as an invaluable opportunity for students to learn about the industry and gain an edge at the start of their careers. Mutual goals include:

  • Building leadership and communication skills
  • Developing relationships in the industry
  • Learning about different perspectives
  • Making a new friend!

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