Pathways 2020 Talent Initiative

How will the marketers and advertising agencies of the future attract and retain the kind of talent they need to lead? How will academic institutions better adapt and prepare students for careers in a rapidly transforming business world? And how can students find more clarity, more choice and more meaningful work when they graduate?

Answers to these challenging questions will only be found by bringing industry and academia together. In 2017 the AEF is embarking on a mission to create a cross-industry and academic coalition – Pathways 2020 — focused on understanding and building the next generation of marketing and advertising talent. It will be led by industry practitioners and academic experts and informed by a deeper understanding of the needs and career aspirations of the emerging talent pool.

Work has already begun and the discovery phase of a groundbreaking research study is in the field. For the first time ever the study explores the challenges from the perspective of the hiring companies, the academic community, and the most important players, the students themselves. At the same time the AEF is embarking on a number of initiatives such as developing custom quantitative research on industry talent issues, creating joint workshops with the ANA’s CMO community, and launching various other Pathways Programs.

"The new generation of talent is not hierarchical, and does not think of their job as work."
— Gord McLean, President and CEO at ANA Educational Foundation