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Volume 19, Issue 4

Original Articles
Work That Mattered: Emmett McBain and the Creation of “Positive Realism” in Advertising
Jason P. Chambers

Accents and Ethnic Stereotypes in Radio Advertising: Implications for Spokesperson Selection
Kenneth Bates, Aarti S. Ivanic, T. Somasundaram

Roundtable on Sex in Advertising: Part I
Debra Bass, Carolyn Bronstein, Jean Kilbourne, Jacqueline Lambiase, David Mechlin, Tom Reichert, Raquelle M. Zuzarte, William M. O’Barr, Edward Timke

Fighting for a Positive Cultural Environment: An Interview with Jean Kilbourne
Jean Kilbourne, Edward Timke

Author Meets Critics
The End of Advertising: Why It Had to Die, and the Creative Resurrection to Come
Andrew Essex, Michael Serazio, Mark Truss, Edward Timke

Advertising in the Classroom
Hope in an Ad: Teaching Consumerism and Idealized Womanhood Using 1920s Advertisements
Siobhan Carter-David


Volume 19, Issue 3

Original Articles
The Law of Advertising Outrage
Mark Bartholomew

Gender Segregation Revealed: Five Years of Red Books Data Tell a Global Story
Tao Deng, Jean M. Grow

Roundtable on Identities and Advertising: Part II
Jason P. Chambers, Judy Foster Davis, Abraham Espinosa, Bill Imada, Ross Murray, Clara Rodríguez, Fath Davis Ruffins, Kevin Thomas, Preeya Vyas, William M. O’Barr

Diversity and Multiculturalism in Advertising: An Interview with Leo Olper
Leo Olper, Jean M. Grow

Author Meets Critics
The Real Mad Men of Advertising
Molly Hermann, Kathleen Franz, Cynthia B. Meyers, Edward Timke

Advertising in the Classroom
Take Me Shopping: Hands-on Learning Experience in a Consumer Society and Culture Course
Fang Xu

Alfred J. Seaman Student Papers
Advertising and Society Award Winner: Like Walking on Air, But Covered: Advertising and Allstate Insurance in Print Media
Erik Bartz

Marketing Insights and Innovation Winner: Fashion vs. Function: A Look at New Opportunities for Fashionable and Functional Travel Wear
Anna Petriccione


Volume 19, Issue 2

Original Articles
Advertising as Experimentation on Human Subjects
Tamara R. Piety

Exemplary Codes of Ethics: A Rhetorical Criticism of WPP
Erin E. Schauster, Tara Walker, Margaret Duffy

Roundtable on Identities and Advertising: Part I
Jason P. Chambers, Judy Foster Davis, Abraham Espinosa, Bill Imada, Ross Murray, Clara Rodríguez, Fath Davis Ruffins, Kevin Thomas, Preeya Vyas, William M. O’Barr

Interview with Derek Robson, President and Managing Partner, Goodby Silverstein & Partners
Derek Robson, Edward Timke

Author Meets Critics
Liking Ike: Eisenhower, Advertising, and the Rise of Celebrity Politics
David Haven Blake, Kathryn Brownell, Claire Jerry, Virginia Postrel, Edward Timke

Advertising in the Classroom
A Teaching Framework for Political Advertising
Michael Franz

Advertising in the Archives
National Museum of American History at The Smithsonian Institution
John A. Fleckner, Kathleen Franz


Volume 19, Issue 1

Original Articles
Advertising Leadership and Climate Change: The Efficacy of Industry Professionals to Address Climate Issues
Kim Sheehan, Deborah Morrison

Reprint Retrospective
“Historical Roots of Consumer Culture” from Advertising, the Uneasy Persuasion
Michael Schudson

Roundtable on Social Media and Advertising: Part II
Suse Barnes, Megan French, Sonia Katyal, Nick Reggars, Layla Revis, Kelli Robertson, William M. O’Barr, Edward Timke

#WomenNotObjects: Madonna Badger Takes on Objectification
Madonna Badger, Carolyn Bronstein, Jacqueline Lambiase

Author Meets Critics
Pioneering African-American Women in the Advertising Business
Judy Foster Davis, Jason P. Chambers, Shalini Shankar, Kevin Thomas, Edward Timke

Advertising in the Classroom
Exploring Advertising History in Online Archives
Katherine Parkin



Volume 18, Issue 4

Original Articles
The Gay Market is Dead, Long Live the Gay Market: From Identity to Algorithm in Predicting Consumer Behavior
Katherine Sender

Female Representation among Advertising’s Creative Elite: A Content Analysis of the Communication Arts Advertising Annual
Karen L. Mallia, Kasey Windels

Roundtable on Social Media and Advertising: Part I
Suse Barnes, Megan French, Sonia Katyal, Nick Reggars, Layla Revis, Kelli Robertson, William M. O’Barr, Edward Timke

Interview with danah boyd
danah boyd, Edward Timke

Author Meets Critics
Spreadable Media
Henry Jenkins, Sam Ford, Grant McCracken, Sheila Seles, Natalie T.J. Tindall, Edward Timke

Advertising in the Classroom
Illuminating the Invisible: The Guerrilla Logic and Strategy of Digital Branded Content
Michael Serazio


Volume 18, Issue 3: Advertising’s Connections to Media

Original Articles
Advertising and the Rise of Amateur Photography: From Kodak and Polaroid to the Digital Image
Marita Sturken

Beauty for Asian American Women in Advertising: Negotiating Exoticization and Americanization to Construct a Bicultural Identity
Katy Snell and Wan-Hsiu Sunny Thai

Roundtable on New Mediascapes and the Futures of Advertising
Melissa Aronczyk, Adam Aston, Patrick Lafferty, Louis Maldonado, William “Mack” O’Barr, Michael Serazio, Edward Timke, Jing Wang

Interview with Patrick Lafferty
Patrick Lafferty, Edward Timke

Author Meets Critics
Mark Bartholomew, Tamara R. Piety, Douglas Rushkoff, Edward Timke

Advertising in the Classroom
Public Health Campaigns in the Digital Age: Targeting and Tailoring Using Digital and Social Media
Chan L. Thai

2017 Alfred J. Seaman Undergraduate Award Paper
Picturing Modernity in Fine Art and Advertising
Dejana Peric


Volume 18, Issue 2: Digital Advertising

Original Article
Making Sense of Red Bull’s Marriage Equality Discourse on Facebook
Kristin Comeforo

Roundtable on Digital Advertising: Part II
Finn Brunton, Brad Kay, Nick Law, Hairong Li, Cynthia B. Meyers, Barry Wacksman, William M. O’Barr, Edward Timke

Interview with Sarah Hofstetter
Sarah Hofstetter, Edward Timke

Author Meets Critics
Black Ops Advertising
Mara Einstein, Scott Ableman, Nadia Kaneva, Edward Timke

Advertising in the Classroom
Social Media Influencers: A Lesson Plan for Teaching Digital Advertising Media Literacy
Cynthia B. Meyers

Supplement: ADText: An Online Curriculum
Social Media and Advertising
Edward Timke


Volume 18, Issue 1: Digital Advertising

Original Articles
A New Take on Digital Advertising: Theory, History, and Society
James F. Hamilton

“Bring Them Back Alive!”: Fear and the Macabre in US Automobile Tire Advertising
Katherine Parkin

Roundtable on Digital Advertising: Part I
Finn Brunton, Brad Kay, Nick Law, Hairong Li, Cynthia B. Meyers, Barry Wacksman, William M. O’Barr, Edward Timke

Interview with Bob Greenberg
Bob Greenberg, William M. O’Barr, Edward Timke

Author Meets Critics
Author Meets Critics—The Aisles Have Eyes
Joseph Turow, Matthew P. McAllister, Inger L. Stole, Edward Timke

Advertising in the Classroom
Teaching Digital Analytics with Google’s AEK
Hairong Li


Volume 17, Issue 3-4: Industry Change Makes History

Interview with Paula Alex, CEO of the Advertising Educational Foundation, 1985–2016
Paula Alex, Linda M. Scott

Breaking the Pattern: The Origins and Intentions of Take Our Daughters to Work Day
Linda M. Scott

Australian Women in Advertising in the Nineteenth Century by Jackie Dickenson (review)
Cheryl Williams

Supplement: ADText: An Online Curriculum
Representations of Masculinity and Femininity in Advertising
Edward Timke, William M. O’Barr

Volume 17, Issue 1-2: Critical Approaches to Advertising

Original Articles
Uppity Women Unite! Marketing the Women’s Movement in America
Linda Scott, Astrid Van den Bossche

Excerpts from The Mechanical Bride, with a foreword by Linda M. Scott
Marshall McLuhan

Book Reviews
Textbooks to teach advertising with: A review of The Psychology of Advertising, 2nd edition (Fennis & Stroebe, 2016) and Advertising: Critical Approaches (Wharton, 2015)
Astrid Van den Bossche


Volume 16, Issue 4: Advertising Artistry

Does she… Or doesn’t she?: The making of Miss Clairol hair coloring
Shirley Polykoff

Is It Possible To Be a Commercial Artist?: Dilemmas Faced by Advertising Industry Employees with Artistic Backgrounds in Poland
Kamil Luczaj

Book Review
Designing Fictions: Literature Confronts Advertising by Michael L. Ross
Astrid Van den Bossche


Volume 16, Issue 3: Advertising Explorations

The Intertextuality of Works of Art in Advertising
Eduardo Cintra Torres

The Complex Challenge of Branding in Higher Education: Where’s The Pedagogy?
Adam Peruta, Scott Hamula, Diane Gayeski

The Buy Up Index: An Interview with Amy-Willard Cross
Linda M. Scott, Amy-Willard Cross

The Force of Beauty: Transforming French Ideas of Femininity by Holly Grout (review)
Linda M. Scott

ADText: An Online Curriculum
What Is Advertising?
William M. O’Barr


Volume 16, Issue 2: Advertising Expansions

An Assessment of Advertisements for Controversial Products in Lebanon: The Influence of Gender
Maya F. Farah, Lamis El Samad

The Economist Espresso: An interview with Michael Brunt (CMO), and Tom Standage (Deputy Editor)
Astrid Van den Bossche

Book Review
The Handbook of International Advertising Research ed. by Hong Cheng
Astrid Van den Bossche

ADText: An Online Curriculum
Suggestions for Further Reading
Emma G. Hymas


Volume 16, Issue 1: The Advent of Modern Advertising

From Crisis to Consensus: Advertising Practitioner Responses to the Trust Consolidation Era, 1898-1902
Stewart Alter

Classic Campaign: From Consumers of Food to Participants in the “Modern” Consumer Marketplace: How Cream of Wheat Approached Children, 1900-1935.
Kyle Asquith

Woodbury Soap: Classic Sexual Sell or Just Good Marketing?
Linda M. Scott

A Word from Our Sponsor: Admen, Advertising, and the Golden Age of Radio by Cynthia B. Meyers (review)
Cheryl Williams


Volume 15, Issue 4: World War Echoes

North and South: Advertising Prosperity in the Italian Economic Boom Years
Maria Chiara Liguori

Food Fights for Freedom: A Critical Reading of Food Advertisements from Ladies’ Home Journal during the Second World War
George Royer, Melissa G. Ocepek, William Aspray

Have You Had Your Daily Drug?: The Italian Motta Ice-Cream Campaign in 1959
Maria Chiara Liguori

Book Review
Bodily Regimes: Italian Advertising under Fascism by Karen Pinkus
Astrid Van den Bossche


Volume 15, Issue 3: Transformations

Shifting to Digital: Difficulties, Challenges, and Opportunities—A Qualitative Interview Study of Practitioners’ Experiences in the U.S.
Meritxell Roca

Can Consumption Predict Advertising Expenditures?: The Advertising-Consumption Relation Before and After the Dot-Com Crisis in Germany
Juliane A. Lischka, Stephanie Kienzler, Ulrike Mellmann

Reconsidering Display in Online Testimonial Advertising: The “Show Faces” Feature in Facebook’s Social Plugins
Iben Bredahl Jessen

Classic Campaign: The Peacock–The Colorful Evolution of NBC’s Iconic Logo
Matt Ritter


Volume 15, Issue 2: Notable Campaigns from 1950s-1960s

Excerpts from Reality in Advertising
Rosser Reeves

The Id Goes Shopping in Its Maidenform Bra: Navigating Gender Spheres in the Postwar “Dreams” Campaign
Astrid Van den Bossche

Two Book Reviews: Mad Men, Mad World: Sex, Politics, Style & the 1960s and Mad Women: The Other Side of Life on Madison Avenue in the 60s and Beyond
Astrid Van den Bossche

Volume 15, Issue 1: Old and New Technologies

Human Billboarding: Peopled Publicity and a New Space of “Agency” in Advertising
Susan McFarlane-Alvarez

Innovating Advertising: Conventional vs. Innovative Anthropomorphic Advertising Approaches in the Twenty-First Century
Joshua Shaffer

Photomontage and the Visual Language of Advertising: Two Reviews
Paul Messaris

“An advertising world gone completely haywire”: MAC VIVA GLAM
Andrea Benoit



Volume 14, Issue 4: The Work/Life Balance of Advertising Practitioners

Sex Segregation in Advertising Creative Departments Across the Globe
Jean M. Grow, Tao Deng

Perceptions of Work/Life Balance Among U.S. Advertising Students: A Study of Gender Differences
Jami A. Fullerton, Alice Kendrick

Roundtable: Work-life Balance
Linda Scott, Tara DeVeaux, Claire Behar, Andrea Sullivan, Jami Fullerton, Alice Kendrick

Interview with Laurel Cutler
Linda M. Scott


Volume 14, Issue 3: Food Marketing to Children

From Too Little to Too Much: A Short History of the Representations of the Risks Associated with Children’s Food in Advertising
Simona De Iulio

“A little bit of love you can wrap your baby in:” Mothers, Fathers, Race, and Representations of Nurturing in 1960s–1970s Pampers Advertising
Jessamyn Neuhaus

A Roundtable on Children and Food Advertising
With Julie Halpin, Paul Kurnit, Betsy Moore, Linda M. Scott, Angela Tiffin, Jerome Williams

Classic Campaigns: The Reinvention of Ronald McDonald
Matt Ritter

Book Review

Advances in Communication Research to Reduce Childhood Obesity ed. by Jerome D. Williams, Keryn E. Pasch, and Chiquita A. Collins
Astrid Van den Bossche


Volume 14, Issue 2: The Representation of Social Categories in Advertising Images

Deconstructing Hegemonic Masculinity: Understanding Representations of Black and White Manhood in Print Advertising
Kevin D. Thomas

Dad Test: Gender, Race, and “Funny Fathers” in Disposable Diaper Advertising from the 1970s to 2012
Jessamyn Neuhaus

Selling American Beauty to Teen Girls: A Content Analysis of Female Celebrity Advertisements in Seventeen
Chung-kue Jennifer Hsu

Classic Campaigns – “It’s Gotta Be the Shoes”: Nike, Mike and Mars and the “Sneaker Killings”
Catherine A. Coleman


Volume 14, Issue 1: Advertising Regulation Around the World

Interview with Angela Mills Wade and Richard Wade
Angela Mills Wade, Richard Wade, Linda M. Scott

Interview with Guy Parker
Guy Parker, Linda M. Scott

Classic Campaigns – “You Know When You’ve Been Tango’d” The Orange Man Commercial
Linda M. Scott

Review of Swift Viewing: The Popular Life of Subliminal Influence (Duke University Press) by Charles R. Acland
Kimberly Sugden

ADText: An Online Curriculum
Images of Native Americans in Advertising
William M. O’Barr



Volume 13, Issue 4: Fashion and Beauty Industry

Girl Power Through Purchasing?: The Urban, Young, Educated, Working, Indian Woman and Aspirational Images in Personal Care and Beauty Aid Advertisements
Suzanne L. Schwartz

“There Are No Ugly Women, Only Lazy Ones”: Taiwanese Women’s Social Comparison with Mediated Beauty Images
Wan-Hsiu Sunny Tsai

Interview with Marc Rosen
Marc Rosen, Linda M. Scott

Classic Campaigns – Cover Girl Cosmetics: 1960-1990
Linda M. Scott

ADText: An Online Curriculum
“Subliminal” Advertising
William M. O’Barr


Volume 13, Issue 3: Advertising and the Arts

Thinking Smaller: Bill Bernbach and the Creative Revolution in Advertising of the 1950s
Lawrence R. Samuel

Reading Grotesque Images in Advertising: a Re-inquiry
Ioana Grancea

Dance in Advertising: The Silent Persuader
Carla Walter

Classic Campaigns – Dressing the Invisible Bottle: The Campaign for Absolut Vodka
Linda M. Scott

ADText: An Online Curriculum
Sexuality, Race, and Ethnicity in Advertising
William M. O’Barr


Volume 13, Issue 2: Polysemy in Advertising

“For the Rest of Us”: A Reader-Oriented Interpretation of Apple’s “1984” Commercial
Linda M. Scott

Time and Meaning: “1984” in 2012
Linda M. Scott

Man’s last stand! Polysemy and dialogue in advertising reception
Gry Høngsmark Knudsen

Hard-sell and Soft-sell Advertising Appeals with a ‘Polysemic’ Difference: A Purposeful Advertising Polysemy Perspective
Anshu Arora, Ulysses J. Brown III

Moving Beyond Vodka, Vacations, and Viaticals: How The Advocate’s 1992 Redesign Contributed to the Solidification of a New LGBTQ Market Segment
Laurie Phillips

ADText: An Online Curriculum
Public Service Advertising and Propaganda
William M. O’Barr


Volume 13, Issue 1: Regulation in a Globalizing World

Interview with Stephan Loerke
Stephan Loerke, Linda M. Scott

Benetton Backlash: Does controversy sell sweaters?
Kimberly Sugden

Interview with Oliver Gray
Oliver Gray, Linda M. Scott

Interview with Carla Michelotti
Carla Michelotti, Linda M. Scott

ADText: An Online Curriculum
Super Bowl Commercials: America’s Annual Festival of Advertising
William M. O’Barr


Volume 12, Issue 4: U.S. Perspective on Advertising Regulation

The Little Old Lady Has Teeth: The U.S. Federal Trade Commission and the Advertising Industry, 1970–1973
Molly Niesen

Interview with Lee Peeler
Lee Peeler, Linda M. Scott

Self-Regulation Case Examples
Reebok EasyTone Women’s Footwear Case

Kimberly-Clark Viva Paper Towels Case

Classic Campaigns
Shooting Marbles: Another Look at the Landmark Campbell Soup Deceptive Advertising Case
Linda M. Scott

ADText: An Online Curriculum
Niche Markets: Gay Consumers
William M. O’Barr


Volume 12, Issue 3: Advertising Issues Affecting Women

Interview with Mary Wells
Mary Wells, Linda M. Scott

Interview with Linda Sawyer
Linda Sawyer, Linda M. Scott

Interview with Jo Ann Ross
Jo Ann Ross, Linda M. Scott

Advertising in Life Magazine and the Encouragement of Suburban Ideals
Rebecca Centanni

ADText: An Online Curriculum
Hollywood Looks at Advertising
William M. O’Barr

Volume 12, Issue 2: (Re)creating Cultural Models of Motherhoods in Contemporary Advertising

Mothering Daughters and the Fair and Lovely Path to Success
Rachana Johri

Motherhood in Black and Brown: Advertising to U.S. Minority Women
Elizabeth C. Hirshman

Through Mother’s Eyes: Ideology, the “Child” and Multiple Mothers in U.S. American Mothering Magazines
Daniel Thomas Cook

Motherhood, Advertising, and Anxiety: A Cross-Cultural Perspective on Danonino Commercials
Alexandre Coutant, Valérie-Inés de La Ville, Malene Gram, Nathalie Boireau

“(Re)covering” the Spectacular Domestic: Culinary Cultures, the Feminine Mundane, and Brand Nigella
Douglas Brownlie, Paul Hewer

ADText: An Online Curriculum
Sex and Advertising
William M. O’Barr


Volume 12, Issue 1: Three Original Pieces

Unspoken Rules of the Creative Game: Insights to Shape the Next Generation from Top Advertising Creative Women
Jean M. Grow, Sheri J. Broyles

The Curious Tale of the Polish Plumber: Rebranding Nations for New Social and Political Situations
Jeffrey K. Johnson

Filling a Vacuum: A Review of Freud on Madison Avenue: Motivation Research and Subliminal Advertising in America (University of Pennsylvania Press) by Lawrence R. Samuel
Linda M. Scott

ADText: An Online Curriculum
Suggestions for Further Reading
William M. O’Barr


Volume 11, Issue 4: Taboo Topics

Re-Cycling: Reducing and Reusing Euphemism in Kotex’s Latest Campaign
Caitlin Ryus

The Imageries of Menstruation in Sanitary Napkin Ads: Representation and the Practice of Discourse as a Marketing Strategy
Umme Busra Fateha Sultana

Improving the Lives of African Women: Procter & Gamble “No Check No Stain” Campaign for Always Sanitary Pads
Onur Yaprak

An Odor of Racism: Vaginal Deodorants in African-American Beauty Culture and Advertising
Michelle Ferranti

ADText: An Online Curriculum
Mad Men: Gender, Race, Ethnicity, Sexuality, and Class
William M. O’Barr

Creativity in Advertising
William M. O’Barr


Volume 11, Issue 3: Advertising and the Global Music Explosion, Part 2

Interview with Ira Antelis
Ira Antelis, Linda M. Scott

Interview with Keith D’Arcy
Keith D’Arcy, Linda Scott

Interview with Adam Dorn
Adam Dorn, Alan Bradshaw


Volume 11, Issue 2:  Advertising and the Global Music Explosion, Part 1

The Rise of the Jingle
Timothy D. Taylor

Interview with Josh Rabinowitz
Josh Rabinowitz, Linda M. Scott

Roundtable with Human Music and Sound Design
Marc Altshuler, Andy Bloch, Morgan Visconti, Gareth Williams, Linda M. Scott

ADText: An Online Curriculum
The Rise and Fall of the TV Commercial
William M. O’Barr


Volume 11, Issue 1: Hybridity and Identity

A Typology of Men’s Conceptualizations of Ideal Masculinity in Advertising
Linda Tuncay Zayer

Assimilating the Queers: Representations of Lesbians, Gay Men, Bisexual, and Transgender People in Mainstream Advertising
Wan-Hsiu Sunny Tsai

The Emerging Hybrid Images of Women in China: The Portrayal of the New Woman in Chinese Local and International Magazine Advertising
Kavita Karan, Yang Feng

Future Sex: Cyborg Bodies and the Politics of Meaning
Norah Campbell

ADText: An Online Curriculum
A Brief History of Advertising in America
William M. O’Barr


Volume 10, Issue 4: Religion and Commerce

Service Provider Use of Christian Religious Messages in Yellow Pages Advertising
Diane Halstead, Paula J. Haynes, Valerie A. Taylor

Bargaining with God: Religion, Advertising, and Commercial Success in Kenya
Catherine Dolan, Mary Johnstone-Louis

Magic and Merchandise: Spiritual Shopping in Glastonbury
Pauline MacLaran, Linda M. Scott

Islamic Brands Ready for Takeoff
Paul Temporal


Volume 10, Issue 3: Four Original Works

Rare Birds: Why So Few Women Become Ad Agency Creative Directors
Karen Mallia

Stuff History: The Past as a Resource in the Production of Advertising Material
Jacqueline Dickenson

The Mother’s Gaze and the Model Child: Reading Print Ads for Designer Children’s Clothing
Chris Boulton

J. Walter Thompson and the Creation of the Modern Advertising Agency
Stephen Gennaro


Volume 10, Issue 2:  Advertising and Advertisers During/After World War II

To What Extent Did American Corporations Publish “Brag Ads” During World War II?
Ric Jensen, Christopher Thomas

“I’m Saying This for Uncle Sam!”: How Corporations Used Images of Family to Help Fund World War II
Yoon-Joo Lee, Naeemah Clark

Warring Images: Fashion and the Women’s Magazines 1941-1945
Linda M. Scott

Promoting Consumerism in West Germany During the Cold War: An Agency Perspective
Frauke Hachtmann

ADText: An Online Curriculum
Media and Advertising
William M. O’Barr, Rishad Tobaccowala, John Partilla, Irwin Gotlieb


Volume 10, Issue 1: New Technology and a New Generation

Talent Shift: A New Generation of Professionals Means a New Profession in the Making
Deborah Morrison

JetBlue Roundtable
Ty Montague, Rosemarie Ryan, Kristina Lenz, Linda M. Scott

R/GA Roundtable
Nick Law, Chloe Gottlieb, Jay Zasa, Barry Wacksman, Linda Scott

The Collaborative Roles of the Designer, the Marketer, and the Consumer in Determining What is Good Design
Lawrence L. Garber Jr., Eva M. Hyatt, Ünal Ö. Boya


Volume 9, Issue 4: Mad Women? Marketing the Age of the Female Economy

Dove Campaign Roundtable
Daryl Fielding, Dennis Lewis, Mel White, Alessandro Manfredi, Linda Scott

Reaffirming the Ideal: A Focus Group Analysis of the Campaign for Real Beauty
Julie-Ann Scott, Nicole E. Cloud

Interview with Janet Riccio
Janet Riccio, Linda Scott

The Fabulous Fifties: Selling Mr. and Mrs. Consumer
Juliann Sivulka

ADText: An Online Curriculum
Children and Advertising
William M. O’Barr

Global Advertising
William M. O’Barr, Shelly Lazarus, Marcio Moreira


Volume 9, Issue 3: Current Issues in Irish Advertising

Six Cultural Contradictions in Twenty-First Century Ireland
John Fanning

Interview with Harry Bradshaw
Harry Bradshaw, Linda Scott

A Fateful Triangle? Tales of Art, Commerce, and Science from the Irish Advertising Field
Aidan Kelly, Katrina Lawlor, Stephanie O’Donohoe

“Liquid Modernity” and Irish Identity: Irishness in Guinness, Jameson, and Ballygowan Advertisements
Carmen Kuhling

ADText: An Online Curriculum
Advertising in India
William M. O’Barr


Volume 9, Issue 2: Current Issues in Indian Advertising

Obsessions with Fair Skin: Color Discourses in Indian Advertising
Kavita Karan

All’s Fair in Love and Cream: A Cultural Case Study of Fair & Lovely in India
Natasha Shevde

Julien Cayla (Australian School of Business) Interviews Nandita Chalam, Senior Creative Director, J. Walter Thompson, India
Julien Cayla, Nandita Chalam

Following the Endorser’s Shadow: Shah Rukh Khan and the Creation of the Cosmopolitan Indian Male
Julien Cayla

ADText: An Online Curriculum
Advertising in Brazil
William M. O’Barr


Volume 9, Issue 1: CARE “I Am Powerful” Campaign

Repositioning the CARE Brand, “I Am Powerful”

Roundtable on the CARE “I am Powerful” Campaign
Adam Hicks, Linda Cronin, Beth Meyer, Linda M. Scott, Sylvia Lim

An Unlikely Advocate for Women: One Man’s Story of Transformation
Faustin Ntiranyibagira, Jean Nimubona

Starbucks Spreads the Spirit of Giving with CARE
Sandra Taylor


Volume 8, Issue 4: Advertising and the Rise of Market Society in Europe

On the Cusp of Postwar Modernization: Americanization, International Culture, and Gender Roles in Finnish Commercials, 1955–1975
Jukka Kortti

Meet the “New” Europeans: EU Accession and the Branding of Bulgaria
Nadia Kaneva

The Age of Affluence
Tony Judt

The Hummer: Myths and Consumer Culture (review)
Marius K. Luedicke

Advertising and Society: An Online Curriculum
Creativity in Advertising
William M. O’Barr


Volume 8, Issue 3: Advertising, Change and Challenge

Advertising and Universal Compatibility: Does the Advertising Industry Have a Moral Conscience?
Tim Love

Dealing with Depression: Australia’s Advertising Industry in the 1930s
Robert Crawford

Advertising and Society: An Online Curriculum
Ethics and Advertising
William M. O’Barr

Advertising in China
William M. O’Barr


Volume 8, Issue 2: Rethinking Sex in Advertising

The Man Behind Abercrombie and Calvin Klein’s Sexy Ad Campaigns: Tom Reichert (University of Georgia) Interviews Sam Shahid
Sam Shahid, Tom Reichert

Does Sex in Advertising Work?: A Review of Scholarly Research Informed by Professional Opinion
Tom Reichert

Consumer Responses to Gay-Themed Imagery in Advertising
Joe Bob Hester, Rhonda Gibson

Anne Hollander


Volume 8, Issue 1: Advertising in China

The Evolution of Chinese Advertising Law: A Historical Review
Zhihong Gao

That Which We Call a Rose in Chinese Would Smell as Sweet?
Nader T. Tavassoli

Multinational Corporations’ Controversial Ad Campaigns in China–Lessons from Nike and Toyota
Fengru Li, Nader H. Shooshtari

Advertising and Society: An Online Curriculum
The Management of Brands
William M. O’Barr


Volume 7, Issue 4: Young Mothers Talk Back: The Second of Two Special Issues on Advertising and Motherhood

The Road to Motherhood
Thyra Uth Thomsen, Elin Brandi Sørensen

Advertising and Society: An Online Curriculum
The Role of Research in Advertising
William M. O’Barr

Multiculturalism in the Marketplace: Targeting Latinas, African-American Women, and Gay Consumers
William M. O’Barr


Volume 7, Issue 3: Young Mothers Talk Back: The First of Two Special Issues on Advertising and Motherhood

On Becoming a Cyborg and Paying for It: Invocations of Motherhood in the IVF Industry
Susi Geiger

Does My Bump Look Big in This?
Lisa O’Malley, Lisa O’Malley

Yummy Mummies: The Clamor of Glamour in Advertising to Mothers
Stephanie O’Donohoe, Stephanie O’Donohoe

The Changing Image of Women in American Society: What Do Pregnant Women Represent in Advertising?
Susan Dobscha, Susan Dobscha

Advertising and Society: An Online Curriculum
Advertising and Christmas
William M. O’Barr

The Interpretation of Advertisements
William M. O’Barr


Volume 7, Issue 2: Progressive Images of Women

Selling Truth: How Nike
Jean Grow, Joyce M. Wolburg

Market Feminism: The Case for a Paradigm Shift
Linda M. Scott

Still Miss Understood: She
Cheryl Berman, Denise Fedewa, Jeanie Caggiano

On the Go with Phoebe Snow: Origins of an Advertising Icon
Margaret Young

Advertising and Society: An Online Curriculum
Public Service Advertising
William M. O’Barr

Representations of Masculinity and Femininity in Advertising
William M. O’Barr


Volume 7, Issue 1: The Many Faces of Materialism

An Anthropology of Goods
Michael Schudson

Advertising Success Through Consumption: 1900–1929
Monica Brasted

Equal in Every Way: African Americans, Consumption and Materialism from Reconstruction to the Civil Rights Movement
Jason Chambers

MasterCard Roundtable: The “Priceless” Campaign
Craig Bagno, Amy Fuller, Joyce King Thomas, John Kottmann, Linda M. Scott

On the Psychology of Materialism: Wanting Things, Having Things, and Being Happy
Patrick T. Vargas, Sukki Yoon

Advertising and Society: An Online Curriculum
High Culture/Low Culture: Advertising in Literature, Art, Film, and Popular Culture
William M. O’Barr

The Advertising Profession in the Public’s Eye
William M. O’Barr


Volume 6, Issue 4: The Investigation of Advertising as a Cultural Form

Advertising and the Querulous Canvas: Reflections on the Boundary between Art and Commerce: An Essay
Linda M. Scott

Roundtable on Advertising as a Cultural Form
Edward F. McQuarrie, Linda M. Scott, John F. Sherry, Melanie Wallendorf

Halo Everybody, Highlow: Adcult and the Collapse of Cultural Hierarchy
James B. Twitchell

This is Not an Ad: The Post-Mortise Stage of Advertising
Robert Goldman

The Development, Change, and Transformation of Rhetorical Style in Magazine Advertisements 1954-1999
Barbara J. Phillips, Edward F. McQuarrie

Advertising and Society: An Online Curriculum
“Subliminal” Advertising
William M. O’Barr


Volume 6, Issue 3: Three Original Articles

Overexposed: Issues of Public Gender Imaging
Pamela Morris

Pumping Irony: The Construction of Masculinity in a Post-feminist Advertising Campaign
Tyson Smith

Consumer Citizenship, Nationalism, and Neoliberal Globalization in Turkey: The Advertising Launch of Cola Turka
Derya Ozkan, Robert John Foster

Introducing – Advertising and Society: An Online Curriculum
What Is Advertising?
William M. O’Barr

A Brief History of Advertising in America
William M. O’Barr


Volume 6, Issue 2: Race and Ethnicity

Roundtable Issue: Conversations about Race and Ethnicity in Advertising
Fath Davis Ruffins, Bernadette Marie Calafell, William M. O’Barr, Jack Tchen, Zan Ng, Jennifer Mak


Volume 6, Issue 1: Pop Music, Religious Imagery and Sports Imagery in Advertising

An Essay on Popular Music in Advertising: The Bankruptcy of Culture or the Marriage of Art and Commerce?
David Allan

Spirituality that Sells: Religious Imagery in Magazine Advertising
Rick Clifton Moore

Batting and Buying: Cricket as a Visual Metaphor in Indian Advertising
Rohitashya Chattopadhyay


Volume 5, Issue 4: Two Original Articles and Roundtable on Advertising and New Masculinities

The Reframing of Traditional Cultural Values: Consumption and World War I
Monica Brasted

Does Media Literacy Work? An Empirical Study of Learning How to Analyze Advertisements
Renee Hobbs

Roundtable on Advertising and the New Masculinities
William M. O’Barr, Doug Cameron, Michael Paxton, Peter Geary, Sherry Nemmers, Michael Wilke, Michael S. Kimmel, Tyson Smith, Simon Bowden


Volume 5, Issue 3: Connections of Advertising to Society and Culture

Marketing Everyday Life: The Postmodern Commodity Aesthetic of Abercrombie & Fitch
Stephen M. Engel

The Quest for National Identity and Visual Sovereignty in Trinidad and Tobago Television Advertising
Susan McFarlane-Alvarez

Gender Role Sterotyping in Television Commericials — The Case of Singapore
Chun Wah Lee


Volume 5, Issue 2: Three Original Articles

The Sex of Food and Ernest Dichter: The Illusion of Inevitability
Katherine Parkin

Visions of New Men: The Heroic Soldier Narrative in American Advertisements During World War II
Mark R. Grandstaff

What is an Infomercial?
Wayne Hope, Rosser Johnson


Volume 5, Issue 1: Approaches to Analyzing Advertisements

Roundtable on Approaches to the Analysis of Advertisements
Robin M. Akert, Andy Berndt, Paul Kurnit, Robert Goldman, Douglas B. Holt, Craig Markus, William M. O’Barr, Lisa Penaloza, Tom Reichert, Fath Davis Ruffins


Volume 4, Issue 4: Women in Advertising

Interview with Gloria Steinem
Gloria Steinem, Linda M. Scott

Interview with Denise Fedewa
Denise Fedewa, Eileen Fischer

Interview with Liz Schroeder and Margie Goldsmith
Liz Schroeder, Margie Goldsmith, Peggy J. Kreshel

Interview with Mary Lou Quinlan
Mary Lou Quinlan, Linda M. Scott


Volume 4, Issue 3: The Practice of Advertising

The Emergence of Discursive Conventions in Presidential Advertising
William L. Benoit

What’s in a Name? On China’s Search for Socialist Advertising
Zhihong Gao

Interview with Stephen King
Stephen King, William M. O’Barr


Volume 4, Issue 2: Masculinity and Advertising

Interview with Michael Kimmel
Michael S. Kimmel, William M. O’Barr

Interview with Scott Cromer
Scott Cromer, Craig Thompson

Interview with Steven Jackson
Steven Jackson, Douglas B. Holt


Volume 4, Issue 1: Advertising in Other National Contexts

The Future of Foreign Advertising in China: The Lessons of History
Zhihong Gao

The Paradox of Plenty: The Advertising Council and Post-Sputnik Crisis
Robert H. Zieger


Volume 3, Issue 3/4: Teaching about Advertising

Roundtable on Teaching about Advertising: Thoughts and Experiences
Linda M. Scott, Paula Alex, Arlene M. Davila, Robert Goldman, Peggy J. Kreshel, William M. O’Barr, Jef I. Richards, Susan Smulyan


Volume 3, Issue 2: Critics of Advertising

Interview with Wilson Bryan Key
Wilson Bryan Key, Stuart Ewen

Interview with Sut Jhally
Sut Jhally, William M. O’Barr

Interview with Michael Wilke
Michael Wilke, William Mazzarella


Volume 3, Issue 1: Values in Advertising

Roundtable on Values in Advertising
Stuart Ewen, Rich Goldstein, Fred Irwin, William M. O’Barr, Cynthia Round, Juliet Schor, Linda M. Scott



Volume 2, Issue 4: The Creative Process in Advertising

Scholar-Practitioner Dialogues: Three Scholars Interview Advertising Professionals About the Origins of Creative Ideas and Their Ultimate Realization in Advertisements
Interview with Nina DiSesa
Nina DiSesa, Robin M. Akert

Interview with Amil Gargano
Amil Gargano, Scott Ellsworth

Interview with Paul Cappelli
Paul Cappelli, William M. O’Barr


Volume 2, Issue 3: Advertising and September 11th

Roundtable on Advertising and the September 11th Disaster
Steve Barnett, Michael Sennott, Edward Vick, Marcio Moreira, Sut Jhally, T. J. Jackson Lears, Charles Piot


Volume 2, Issue 2: Original Contributions

Original Article: The Role of Advertising in Its Relationship to the War Effort in the 1940s

The “Salesmanship of Sacrifice”: The Advertising Industry’s Use of Public Relations During the Second World War
Inger L. Stole

Scholar-Practitioner Dialogues: Three Scholars Interview Advertising Professionals About Children, Globalization, and Research

Interview with Doug Porter
Douglas Porter, Anne Allison

Interview with Myra Stark
Myra Stark, Robert John Foster

Interview with Paul Kurnit
Paul Kurnit, William M. O’Barr


Volume 2, Issue 1: A Comprehensive Bibliography of Advertising and Society, 1980-2000

A Comprehensive Bibliography of Advertising and Society, 1980-2000: View complete list

A Comprehensive Bibliography of Advertising and Society, 1980-2000: View by sub-categories

A Comprehensive Bibliography of Advertising and Society, 1980-2000: Current Databases in the Area of Advertising and Society



Volume 1, Issue 2: Political Advertising

Roundtable on Political Advertising
Jerry Della Femina, Donny Deutsch, Stuart Ewen, Montague Kern, Burt Manning, David L. Paletz, Randall Rothenberg, Fath Davis Ruffins, James B. Twitchell


Volume 1, Issue 1: An Anthology of Scholarship about Advertising and Society

Historical Perspectives

Materialism and the Modern U.S. Christmas
Russell W. Belk

From Salvation To Self-Realization: Advertising and the Therapeutic Roots of the Consumer Culture, 1880-1930
T. J. Jackson Lears

Advertisements as Social Tableaux
Roland Marchand

Reflecting on Ethnic Imagery in the Landscape of Commerce, 1945-1975
Fath Davis Ruffins

What Is Advertising? (and/or Social Consequences of Advertising)

Advertising as Religion: The Dialectic of Technology and Magic
Sut Jhally

The Distorted Mirror: Reflections on the Unintended Consequences of Advertising
Richard W. Pollay

The History and Development of Advertising
Frank Presbrey

Advertising as Capitalist Realism
Michael Schudson

“But first, a word from our sponsor”
James B. Twitchell

Advertising: the Magic System
Raymond Williams

Advertising and Consumerism

Marketing Eight Hidden Needs
Vance Oakley Packard

I’m the Greatest, Yes Sirree, That’s All You’ll Ever Hear from Me!, and: Falsity without Deception: As Possible As the Law Says, but Not As Probable
Ivan L. Preston

Subliminal Advertising

The Mass Media’s Illusion of Reality
Wilson Bryan Key

Can’t Ignore Subliminal Ad Charges
Jack Haberstroh

Comparative Perspectives

“No, No” to Making a Cake in a Rice Cooker: Modernization Is Not Synonymous With Westernization
George Fields

Print Advertisements and Nation Making in Metropolitan Papua New Guinea
Robert John Foster

The Content and Consumption of Advertisements
Daniel Miller

The Airbrushing of Culture: An Insider Looks At Global Advertising
Marcio Moreira, William M. O’Barr

Marketing Perspectives

Viewer Miscomprehension of Televised Communication: Selected Findings
Jacob Jacoby, Wayne D. Hoyer

Relatedness, Prominence, and Constructive Sponsor Identification
Gita Venkataramani Johar, Michel Tuan Pham

A Model For Predictive Measurements of Advertising Effectiveness
Robert J. Lavidge, Gary A. Steiner

Are Product Attribute Beliefs the Only Mediator of Advertising Effects on Brand Attitude?
Andrew A. Mitchell, Jerry C. Olson

How Advertising Works: A Planning Model. .. putting it all together
Richard Vaughan

Interpreting Advertising

A Currency Of Signs
Judith Williamson

Advertising & Society Quarterly

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