Talent Champion – Ed Frankel

Talent Champion Spotlight

AEF Talent Champion - Ed Frankel

Ed Frankel
SVP, Director of Talent Acquisition
Omnicom Health Group

Edward Frankel will tell you he and his team have a superpower – creating opportunities for exceptional talent to grow their career in the fastest growing space in communications. And he’ll tell you that it’s their responsibility to create opportunities for exceptional diverse talent to get their shot, so they’ve made the systemic changes required that make this possible. 

In addition to leading the talent acquisition team for Omnicom Health Group, the world’s largest healthcare marketing and communications network, Frankel has helped drive diversity and inclusion efforts for the network by fostering partnerships with several industry associations, HBCUs, local groups, as well as co-founding OHG Voices, an employee-led resource group committed to fostering an inclusive community across the network. 

What prompted you to get involved with the AEF and why are you passionate about the future of the industry?

The first thing that attracted to the AEF was the research – the data. And after expressing interest the group pulled me right in. Getting to know the team and the work makes me regret not getting acquainted sooner. About the future of the industry, with a little planning and some hard work, we can effect the changes that are required for us to ensure that the future is loaded with opportunity for all who want to make it their career. Being part of the team that is figuring this out is very empowering.

What is the best career advice you've ever received?

Be patient, but don’t be afraid to ask for what you need. This advice has served me well as it’s created space for me to have very open discussions with my manager and colleagues. And now as I shifted into a role where I can help others, it’s advice I find myself saying it all the time.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Perhaps it’s cliché, but the people I get to do the work with are what I enjoy most about my job. They’re openness to try fresh approaches at how we identify and hire talent is so empowering that it keeps us all showing up eager to see what we can make happen next. When the team is inclined to start with YES, anything is possible.

"Our future marketing and advertising leaders are not just looking for a job, they are looking for a meaningful career that will make a positive impact on society."
— Gord McLean, President and CEO at ANA Educational Foundation