Talent Champion – Tiffany Perkins-Munn, Ph.D.

Talent Champion Spotlight

AEF Talent Champion - Tiffany Perkins-Munn, Ph.D.

Tiffany Perkins-Munn, Ph.D.
Managing Director, Head of Research, Analytics & Data 

Dr. Tiffany Perkins-Munn has spent the past 20 years using data to drive decision-making within financial services firms. She has implemented research and analytics, machine learning and big data initiatives across the financial services spectrum (sell-side, buy-side and asset management). Dr. Perkins-Munn joined BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager, in April 2018 to drive the build of a data-driven marketing organization — a groundbreaking undertaking for BlackRock that fuses research, analytics and data with AI capabilities to drive impactful, quantitative decisioning.

What prompted you to get involved with the AEF and why are you passionate about the future of the industry?

Industry and academia have historically been disjointed and therefore unable to leverage each other’s learnings in a meaningful and impactful way. The AEF offers an opportunity for me to be a catalyst in how industry effectively uses academic research toward the practical application of business decisions! And, how to cultivate those partnerships.

What is the best career advice you've ever received?

Always be a student of learning new things; Continue to expand your ‘wheel house’.

Who was your favorite professor and why?

Dr. Deborah Coates, my dissertation advisor, has been my greatest academic influence. She taught me to be committed to the rigor of the discipline, but to identify opportunities to transfer their rigor to our understanding of topics that impact the greater good.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Innovation, for sure. While there are many aspects of BlackRock that really lead the industry, Marketing organizations within financial services are notoriously behind other industries on being data-driven. This gives me an opportunity to develop strategy, implement, critique and redesign!

"Our future marketing and advertising leaders are not just looking for a job, they are looking for a meaningful career that will make a positive impact on society."
— Gord McLean, President and CEO at ANA Educational Foundation