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AEF leadership is catalyzing a movement that will convene industry and academia to tackle the talent disconnect. By working together, practitioners and educators can make a significant impact on building our next generation of highly qualified marketing and advertising leaders. The AEF plans to measure progress on our Pathways 2020 programs against three goals:

While these three initiatives cannot solve all the issues surfaced in the Pathways study, they represent a strong start towards addressing important challenges that have been festering within the marketing and advertising industry for some time.

We’re counting on your help to make their future ours – we encourage you to pledge your support now.

Pathways 2020 Pledge

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For any questions you may have about the Pathways 2020 programs, please contact Elliot Lum.

"Honestly, the speaker made a career in advertising sound so attractive that I am considering changing my major."
— Student at University of Tulsa after AEF sent Speaker from Insight Creative Group