Brand Royalty

Brand Royalty

By Matt Haig

How the World’s Top 100 Brands Thrive & Survive

Brand success=business success. A simple equation, but as no two brands are the same, identifying what those winning qualities are is not easy. And given that the whole point of branding is to create a distinct identity, it’s absurd to look for a single magic formula.


Read Chapter 5: Muscle Brands
Brands discussed include IBM, Wal-Mart, McDonald’s, Nike, Starbucks, and Microsoft.


Chapter 5 from Brand Royalty by Matt Haig, ISBN: 978 0 7494 4826 4 published by Kogan Page, $19.95. Copyright Matt Haig, 2004. Reproduced by permission of Kogan Page. Visit Kogan Page for more details.

Matt Haig

Copyright © 2004, Matt Haig. All rights reserved.

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"Great mix of technical info and real life experience to justify it. Easily the best guest lecture I’ve had in college. So relevant and informative."
— Student at Villanova University after AEF sent speaker from BBDO