How Brands Become Icons

How Brands Become Icons

By Douglas B. Holt

Chapter 2: How Is Cultural Branding Different?

“…To learn how cultural branding works requires setting aside conventional thinking and developing a new mind-set. To seed this mind-set, I begin with three short case studies in which I contrast cultural branding with the three branding models that dominate business practice today…”

Read mini-case histories about Corona, Coke and Snapple by viewing the book excerpt now.

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Reprinted by permission of Harvard Business School Press. Excerpted from How Brands Become Icons by Douglas B. Holt. Copyright 2004 Harvard Business School Publishing Corporation; All Rights Reserved.


Douglas B. Holt

Copyright © 2004 Harvard Business School Publishing Corporation. All rights reserved.

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"Great mix of technical info and real life experience to justify it. Easily the best guest lecture I’ve had in college. So relevant and informative."
— Student at Villanova University after AEF sent speaker from BBDO