Decoding the Irrational Consumer

Decoding the Irrational Consumer

By Darren Bridger

Marketers increasingly understand that consumer decisions are often irrational, emotional and subconscious. A new generation of research tools, including behavioural economics, eye-tracking, implicit response measures and facial coding can measure and illuminate these irrational drives.

This excerpt, from Chapter 7, discusses Affective and Evaluative priming tests, their use for marketers and testing whether an ad evokes the emotions that were intended.

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This an excerpt from Chapter 7 of Decoding the Irrational Consumer: How to Commission, Run and Generate Insights from Neuromarketing Research (978-0749473846) by Darren Bridger. Published August 2015 by Kogan Page. Copyright 2015 by Darren Bridger. Reproduced by permission of Kogan Page.


Darren Bridger

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"I developed a much higher respect for social marketing by seeing the value and complexity of this function which seemed very ambiguous to me before."
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