The Lost Diary of a Real Mad Man

The Lost Diary of a Real Mad Man
Tales of Advertising & Mental Health

By Emerson Foote

Emerson Foote is a man who accidentally fell into the business of advertising in the early 20th Century. At a very early age he became a powerful figure in a major advertising agency. Soon after, he became Co-founder and President of Foote, Cone and Belding.

While Foote’s fame was well established by leading major ad agencies, that is only a part of what makes him such a fascinating figure in the history of advertising. The fact that he achieved such success while coping with two serious disabilities is remarkable.

This book is unique. The story was written by dictation by Emerson Foote, then transcribed and lightly edited.

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Excerpts printed with permission by Jef I. Richards (Michigan State University) and Billy I. Ross (Texas Tech University & Louisiana State University).



Emerson Foote

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