Multicultural Intelligence

Multicultural Intelligence

By David R. Morse

The author reviews the history of marketing to black, Hispanic, Asian, and LGBT consumers. He explains how including appropriate cultural cues in advertising can build brand loyalty that will pay huge dividends. David Morse also cautions that missing the mark with advertising that excludes or is culturally offensive can be a costly mistake.

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Excerpted with author’s permission from Multicultural Intelligence, Eight Make-or-Break Rules for Marketing to Race, Ethnicity, and Sexual Orientation by David R. Morse. Published in 2009 by Paramount Market Publishing, Inc. Copyright 2009 David R. Morse.


David R. Morse

Copyright © 2009. All rights reserved.

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"Honestly, the speaker made a career in advertising sound so attractive that I am considering changing my major."
— Student at University of Tulsa after AEF sent Speaker from Insight Creative Group