Retail Marketing Strategy

Retail Marketing Strategy
Delivering Shopper Delight

By Constant Berkhout

Retail Marketing Strategy answers some of the most difficult questions posed by the retail industry, including how to innovate new ways to interact with customers across multiple channels, and how to replicate online success stories from other sectors. Practical steps are put forward for collating and interpreting the data generated in shopper activity.

Chapter 9 delves into big data analysis. Over the years, the amount of data available to decision makers has grown exponentially. This excerpt helps define some of the expectations and opportunities.

Read Chapter 9: Making Big Data Digestible

This an excerpt from Chapter 9 of Retail Marketing Strategy: Delivering Shopper Delight (978-0749476915) by Constant Berkhout. Published November 2015 by Kogan Page. Copyright 2015 by Constant Berkhout. Reproduced by permission of Kogan Page.

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