The 85% Niche

The 85% Niche
The Power of Women of All Colors – Latina, Black, and Asian

By Miriam Muléy

The 85% Niche is the definitive book on women of color and marketing to women of color. It provides significant proof supporting the trillion dollar economic buying power of women of color, the rapid demographic growth trends of multicultural women, and the fact that many industries are increasingly dependent upon the purchase decisions of Latina, Black, and Asian women for sales growth.

Chapter 4: “Latina Leading Voices” takes a look at women’s ethnic and cultural market segments, specifically Latinas.

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Excerpted with author’s permission from The 85% Niche, by Miriam Muléy. Published in 2009 by Paramount Market Publishing, Inc.

Copyright © 2009 Miriam Muléy. All rights reserved.

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"Great mix of technical info and real life experience to justify it. Easily the best guest lecture I’ve had in college. So relevant and informative."
— Student at Villanova University after AEF sent speaker from BBDO