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Comcast: Multicultural Advertising


Comcast Corporation is the nation’s leading provider of cable, entertainment and communications products and services. Comcast leads the cable industry in offering quality multicultural programming for Asian, European and Hispanic markets. The company offers the most reliable, diverse and widely distributed programming anywhere in the nation and is known for providing its customers a complete television entertainment experience.


Channel NTV America is one of the most popular Russian channels available to the community through cable programming. It offers popular entertainment, news and sports programs oriented towards the Russian American population. Comcast offers NTV America as part of Russian programming package. Other channels available to the community include C1RW, RTVI, TVCI, Vremya, Dom Kino, Muzika Pervogo and some local programs.


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Comcast Headquarters) constitutes one of the largest and most diverse multicultural markets in the nation. Comprising its European and Asian American population is a large segment of Russian speaking residents that come from Russia and parts of Eastern Europe. The campaign targeted the large and growing Russian-speaking community of Philadelphia seeking quality in-language television programming.


Comcast offered one Russian language channel in the Philadelphia region whereas dish-satellite companies were offering a combination of in-language channels, though not so popular ones. Comcast had an edge over competition as its Russian language programming was being offered along with interactive digital cable features like HDTV, ON DEMAND and DVR. The community needed to be informed about this complete package offering.


Ameredia created an integrated in-language advertising campaign using print, online, radio and outdoor media along with targeted direct marketing and promotional collateral. Creative were tied to the theme of offering “the best Russian language programming with the best in digital cable features” from Comcast. Campaign launched around New Year and offered holiday savings and incentives to new and current subscribers.

Print advertisements were released across local Russian language media, creatively designed gate-fold direct mailers were sent to current and prospective Russian cable subscribers followed by direct mail postcards mailing to the same group, radio ads were released across popular Russian radio stations and outdoor in-language billboards, bus-signs and posters were strategically placed in major Russian populated community areas.

The integrated advertising and marketing campaign also included banner ads placements and newsletter mailings on Russian sites, co-marketing with strategic partners and the creation of the first ever Comcast Russian microsite:, showing Comcast’s commitment to the Russian community. Subscribers were provided incentives through discount coupons at grocery stores and free subscription services from Comcast.


The Russian community responded extremely well to the offer-centric advertising campaign. The launch of the first Russian microsite –, the placements of the first ever in-language billboards in community areas and bus-posters in public transportation, among others – all contributed to the community developing a strong connection with Comcast’s products and services and subscribing to its programming. Comcast registered a significant increase in its new and referral customer base.


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