MilkPEP My After Chocolate Milk Campaign

MilkPEP “My After” Chocolate Milk Campaign

With childhood obesity on the rise, America’s favorite treat, chocolate milk, had become the victim of a cultural witch hunt. Our charge was to de-villainize chocolate milk by starting a positive conversation and recalibrating perceptions to ultimately drive sales.

MilkPEP + Deutsch unearthed a few major insights that led to their Big Idea and flipped the conversation on its head.

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TV Commercials:

Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo and Dara

Hines Ward

Mirinda Carfrae

Print ads:

Carmelo Anthony - MilkPEP Chris Lieto - MilkPEP Hines Ward - MilkPEP
Carmelo Anthony Chris Lieto Hines Ward
Mirinda Carfrae - MilkPEP Sarah Reinertsen - MilkPEP
Mirinda Carfrae Sarah Reinertsen

Thank you to Deutsch and MilkPEP for sharing their story with users.

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Case Histories

"I developed a much higher respect for social marketing by seeing the value and complexity of this function which seemed very ambiguous to me before."
— Student at Boston College after AEF sent speakers from DigitasLBi