ANA 1-Day Conferences

The Association of National Advertisers hosts a series of peer-to-peer regional meetings all across the country to share best practices and thought leadership on a range of current topics, from content marketing to social media to the latest thinking on brand purpose. Together with the AEF, the ANA is inviting professors to attend these meetings to help enrich knowledge and understanding of the industry. All professors will be granted complimentary access when you register in advance below. The agendas are subject to change and there is limited seating available for each event.
Keep checking back for more details and events to be scheduled.

Date Event Details Location
January 28, 2021 Data & Direct Marketing: Your 2021 Toolbox Virtual
February 2, 2021 ANA Conference hosted by Pinterest Virtual
February 10, 2021 AEF Conference: Building a Positive New Normal with Brands hosted by Fordham Univ. Virtual
February 26, 2021 AEF Conference: Brand Purpose and Sustainability hosted by Yale Univ. Virtual
March 5, 2021 AEF Conference on Data-Driven Marketing hosted by Rutgers University Virtual
March 17, 2021 How Purposeful Brands Make a Difference in Society Virtual
March 30, 2021 Data & Analytics, Co-Hosted with Wharton Dept. of Customer Analytics Virtual
April 1, 2021 ANA Nonprofit: What Does a Covid Donor Mean for Long-Term Value? Virtual
April 28, 2021 ANA Law & Public Policy Conference hosted by Reed Smith Virtual
May 27, 2021 ANA Virtual Half-Day Conference presented by OAAA Virtual
June 17, 2021 Gen X: The Next Great Giving Generation Virtual
October 21, 2021 ANA Nonprofit Conference Virtual
November 12, 2021 AEF Conference: Data & Analytics co-hosted by UC San Diego and UC Davis Virtual

ANA 1-Day Conferences Professor Registration

"The new generation of talent is not hierarchical, and does not think of their job as work."
— Gord McLean, President and CEO at ANA Educational Foundation