ANA 1-Day Conferences

The Association of National Advertisers hosts a series of peer-to-peer regional meetings all across the country to share best practices and thought leadership on a range of current topics, from content marketing to social media to the latest thinking on brand purpose. Together with the AEF, the ANA is inviting professors to attend these meetings to help enrich knowledge and understanding of the industry. All professors will be granted complimentary access when you register in advance below. The agendas are subject to change and there is limited seating available for each event.
Keep checking back for more details and events to be scheduled.

Date Event Details Location
September 24, 2019 Future of Marketing at Aetna Wellesley, MA
October 15, 2019 Innovation in Marketing at City of Hope Duarte, CA
October 17, 2019 In-House Agency Day at Home Depot Atlanta, GA
October 18, 2019 AEF Conference on Data & Marketing Analytics at UC San Diego La Jolla, CA
October 23, 2019 Once Upon a Time in B2B Storytelling @ PwC New York, NY
October 24, 2019 Print in the Digital Age at American Express New York, NY
October 24, 2019 Innovation Day at Keurig Dr. Pepper presented by Pinterest Plano, TX
October 29, 2019 Innovative Commerce Marketing at Microsoft Redmond, WA
October 30, 2019 Digital and Social at Edward Jones St. Louis, MO
November 12, 2019 Data Analytics & Technology at Ford Motor Co. Dearborn, MI
November 14, 2019 Content Marketing at American Family Insurance presented by USPS Madison, WI
November 15, 2019 AEF Conference at Yale University School of Management New Haven, CT
November 20, 2019 Experiential Marketing Conference at Nashville Predators Nashville, TN
December 3, 2019 Digital Innovation at Rutgers University Newark, NJ
December 4, 2019 The Business of Marketing Law New York, NY
December 5, 2019 ANA Conference at Boston Market Golden, CO
December 10, 2019 ANA Conference at Anheuser-Busch New York, NY
December 12, 2019 Content Marketing in the Digital Age at Mohegan Sun Uncasville, CT
January 30, 2020 ANA Conference at IHG Atlanta, GA
February 5, 2020 AEF conference on Brand Tech/AI in Marketing at Fordham University New York, NY
March 31, 2020 AEF Conference on Multicultural Marketing at Temple University Philadelphia, PA
March 31, 2020 ANA Conference at Toyota Plano, TX
May 21, 2020 ANA Conference at Coca-Cola Atlanta, GA

ANA 1-Day Conferences Professor Registration

"Honestly, the speaker made a career in advertising sound so attractive that I am considering changing my major."
— Student at University of Tulsa after AEF sent Speaker from Insight Creative Group