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Can you extend the deadline past June 30th for complimentary ANA access?

We have opened up access to ANA resources for close to 3 months to help professors transition through the spring semester to online learning. We will revisit deadline as it approaches. Our intent is to be helpful as possible in the wake of this pandemic but must also protect the integrity of the ANA business model. That is the balancing act we are looking to strike between complimentary access and the needs of our members who are paying annual dues.

When will complimentary access to ANA content end?

ANA Content will be available through Tuesday, June 30th. Content on will continue to be complimentary.

Is this complimentary access available to professors outside the US?

Yes, professors from outside the United States have access to this limited time complimentary access. Most of the material is very U.S. focused as the membership composition is based in America. However, the ANA has international content where you can filter for information using the regional search functionality.

Is this content available and applicable to high school marketing teachers?

The ANA is a membership-based trade association geared to serving the needs of both client side marketers and the their respective service partners (e.g., like creative agencies, media agencies, digital agencies, online publishers, ad tech companies). The ANA publishes the latest thinking impacting the industry, which should resonate with students studying marketing at all levels. Unfortunately, at this time, we cannot grant complimentary limited time access to ANA resources below the accredited university level given the ANA Educational Foundation’s long standing commitment to this audience.
HS teachers should contact DECA for relevant resources.

What do you have for B2B, (non CPG), CRM/Trade Shows etc?

We actually have an entire division focused on the business to business sector as we know those issues are specific to that marketing community. On the ANA site, there are more than 1,000 pieces of content dedicated to business to business inclusive of topics like CRM, trade shows, and lead generation.

Are there sample exercises and assignments we can use for our students from the ANA content library?

ANA is focused on providing its members with the highest quality content to help them with their current work in industry. Unfortunately, we don’t have specific exercises or assignments that accompany this industry content for classroom purposes.

Can my students provide recommendations to companies that are featured in ANA content library?

The ANA content library houses a repository of material to enable an exchange of ideas within the industry. At this point, we are unable to facilitate an exchange of ideas from students to these ANA companies.

Can I use ANA videos in my online lectures to students?

Yes, you can use ANA videos in your online lectures to students. If you pre-record your lectures and want to use the ANA videos, we ask that you provide a disclaimer to your students that these ANA videos can’t be posted anywhere online.

ANA Content FAQ

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