Campus Discussion Topics

Brand Activation

Brand activation is marketing that builds a brand’s image and drives a specific consumer behavior. The six disciplines that help bring a brand to life through connecting and interacting with the consumer: promotion marketing, experiential marketing, retailer/shopper marketing, content marketing, influencer marketing and relationship marketing.
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A brand is the personality that identifies a product, service or company and how it relates to its consumers. Includes discussion of brand awareness and identity, and re-branding through case study examples.

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Children's Advertising

An analysis of the sensitive issue of advertising to children, ncompassing existing regulation, legislation and the Children’s Advertising Review Unit (CARU). Includes new guidelines for interactive media and trends in marketing children’s products.

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Cultural Diversity

Addresses background, growth and importance of ethnic minorities in the U.S. with emphasis on advertising to African-Americans, Hispanics and Asian-Americans. Includes trend data and video examples of advertising to different market segments.
AEF 2010 Symposium: Advertising and the Asian American Community (AEF)
AEF 2006 Symposium: Multiculturalism in the Marketplace (AEF)

ANA Multicultural Excellence Awards (AEF)

Asian American Advertising Federation (3AF) Creative Campaign Winners (AEF)

Digital Advertising

An overview of advertising on the Internet; advertising spending for major advertisers; advantages and disadvantages of Web advertising. Includes the industry position on the role of advertising in this growing medium.
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Addresses issues surrounding the advertising industry. They include discussion about various ethical concerns, including: misleading advertising, manipulation versus persuasion, creating demand for things people don’t need, advertising to children, advertising products considered harmful, etc. with video examples. Also includes discussion about the industry’s regulatory controls.

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Experiential Marketing

Includes events and sponsorships, but it also understands an experience can be more personal. Its importance lies in its ability to create a relevant bond with the consumer. Experiential marketing includes events, a demonstration of product’s performance, extra care/personal connection, and grassroots/affinity events. The key is creating an experience that stimulates an emotional connection and reinforces the essence of the brand. It may also have an entertainment, cause or celebrity aspect to it.

Free Speech

The First Amendment and its relationship to commercial free speech with emphasis on alcohol and tobacco advertising including a review of recent court rulings. A tax on advertising as well as its projected effects on the economy and the advertising industry.

Gender Portrayals

This lively topic examines the changing roles of women and men as reflected in advertising over the past 20 years. Includes current research highlights about how traditional roles for men and women have shifted both in and out of home, i.e., shopping, cooking, parenting, etc. Video examples (including some older commercials) are available to illustrate how advertising has mirrored gender images over the years.

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Discussion of historical background leading to growth of global advertising, including elements that comprise a good global advertising campaign using current case examples. Also includes current commercial examples from various countries with discussion illustrating advertising that is global and translates across countries and examples of commercials that do not.

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Addresses strategic elements that comprise strong advertising. Illustrated with mini case histories of several current successful campaigns, including visuals. Each campaign uses a different technique (humor, emotion, etc.) and shows the persuasive power of advertising.

Public Service

History of the Advertising Council, the largest pro bono organization that helps bring attention to and works to help solve national and social problems. Discussion includes the operation of the Council and the industry’s input. Campaigns are discussed in terms of problem/solution results for several current campaigns, including Crime Prevention and Mentoring Children. Also includes history of the Partnership for a Drug-Free America whose mission is to reduce demand for illegal drugs through the use of hard-hitting, effective advertising. Illustrated with highlights and results from current campaigns.

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