Talent Champion – Cliff Courtney

Talent Champion Spotlight

Cliff Courtney

Cliff Courtney
Chief Marketing Officer
Omnicom Collective/Zimmerman Advertising

Cliff Courtney’s career has taken him from New York to Los Angeles, to Austin, Texas, and now to South Florida where he is currently the Chief Marketing Officer for the Omnicom Collective/Zimmerman Advertising. Along the way, he has held positions in creative, strategy, and marketing, and ultimately weaved those skills together to drive hundreds of millions in new business. His awards range from Effies to EMAs, yet his pursuit has always been focused on the results of the work, not the work itself.

However, Cliff’s greatest accomplishments have been as a mentor and professor, from his position as the Co-Chair of the strategic planning program at the Miami Ad School, to lecturing at the Universities of Florida, Texas, Miami and more. He is also a visiting professor at the University of South Florida. Finally, he continues to lead Omnicom’s elite Infusion Intern program at Zimmerman Advertising, focused on inclusion, mentoring, and preparing students to succeed from day one in the world of advertising and marketing.


What prompted you to get involved with the AEF?

The opportunity to impact talent where I can do the most good.

Why are you passionate about the future of the industry?

Because fresh minds fuel fresh ideas. The future will never have too much of those.

What is the best career advice you’ve ever received?

Inspiration is everywhere, and if you can’t see it you’re not looking hard enough.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

What can I say… I love roller coasters.

What advice would you give to students as they consider entering the industry?

Be fearless.

"Our future marketing and advertising leaders are not just looking for a job, they are looking for a meaningful career that will make a positive impact on society."
— Gord McLean, President and CEO at ANA Educational Foundation