Visiting Professor Program Fact Sheet

The AEF’s Visiting Professor Program (VPP) enhances professors’ understanding of the latest developments and practices in advertising and marketing to inform their teaching and research. Since its inception, 1,100+ professors have participated in the program.

Professor participants teach diverse disciplines (e.g., marketing, communication and advertising, sociology, liberal arts). In addition, Ph.D. students are welcome to join professors during the VPP in collaboration with the American Academy of Advertising (AAA).


The 2023 VPP

The weeklong program will be held June 5-9, and this year there are two ways to participate. The first will be an in-person program in New York City for 35 professors hosted by marketers, ad agencies and The Center for Positive Marketing at Fordham University. The in-person program will be by application only. The second will be virtual sessions held every afternoon from 2pm to 4:30pm EST and is open to all professors who register.

What can Professors Anticipate?

The theme of the 2023 VPP will be ‘Envisioning the Future of Marketing and Advertising’, and the curriculum will focus on the broader themes of Brand and Creativity, Society and Sustainability, Data and Technology, and Talent & DEIB.

For the In-Person VPP, the program is a combination of interactive and experiential activities together with presentations from industry leaders. Workshops will provide the opportunity to work together to apply this learning to teaching and research and to build collaborations with fellow professors. Due to space limitations, this is only open to those who teach in the US. Application deadline is March 10, 2023.

For the Virtual VPP, industry leaders will live-stream presentations on topics related to the Future of Marketing and Advertising, participate in Q&As with practitioners, and join a discussion breakout session.

2023 Virtual VPP Agenda

How To Participate

The application for the in-person VPP has now been closed. Please register for the virtual VPP experience.

2022 VPP Feedback

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Sharon Hudson, VP, Program Manager

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