Request a Speaker Form

We’re happy to help find a speaker for your class! Please complete the form below to the best of your ability. The more specific you’re able to be about class times, dates and topics, the easier it will be for us to find the right speaker for your class.

Please note the following:

  • 2023-2024 campus engagements can be virtual or in-person, based on professor and speaker preferences.
  • Due to capacity limitations, we are unable to fulfill new speaker requests for classes of 15 students or less at this time.
  • If you’re requesting speakers for multiple classes, please indicate which class is a priority in the General Comments section on the form. We’ll do our best to find speakers for all your requested classes but it will be helpful to know which one to focus on first.
  • We ask that requests are submitted at least 5-6 weeks prior to when they have to be confirmed by. We’ll work as hard as we can to find a speaker ASAP, but we are unable to process last minute requests at this time.

Thank you for understanding. We look forward to working with you.

*Priority will be given to those classes with more than 15 students.

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— Gord McLean, President and CEO at ANA Educational Foundation